Design & Drawings


With increasing levels of digitization in the enterprise, the domain of engineering, design and drafting is now tightly linked to the domain of business information management. The Design & Drawing Services Business Unit specializes in providing third party outsourcing service of creating, revising and maintaining 2-D/3-D computer aided drawings across multiple vertical industry domains.

The Design & Drawing service business unit headed by a professional in this field of over 20 years of experience, has a combined base of nearly 100 man-years of design and drawing prowess using softwares tools for 2D & 3 D design . The Design & Drawing staff is put through a job rotation program to achieve both depth as well breadth of skills such as P & ID, Piping, Fabrication, Layout, civil, structural & Electrical drawing.

All of the operating staff work under the expert guidance of the company’s young and dynamic GM and other distinguished members of its advisory board that consists of outstanding individuals with long and successful track records in Engineering, Design & Drawing and Outsourcing/IT Management fields.


Our engineering team, under the guidance of founder directors and associate directors, has collective experience of more than 150 years. This has made the company richer in depth knowledge in the field of engineering, manufacturing, inspection, erection, testing and commissioning in the field of evaporation, spray drying, conveying, storage, packaging, liquid processing and packaging, design of all utilities like steam, refrigeration, water and effluent treatment, pneumatics and electrical including generation, distribution and utilization. The company also possesses relevant civil architectural and structural designing including internal, external and industrial electrification.

The diversified knowledge can successfully be applied in various fields of chemical, dairy and food including breweries, pharmaceutical and bio-chemical, tannin and Cellulose industries, offal and Fish industries and environmental control other process industries.